Our Values

Our Philospy

When it comes to our priorities, you will always find our clients to always be at the forefront. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction by delivering consistent results that surpasses all expectations.


Our software design and development services follow the best industry practices. It is this “Best of Breed” quality IT services that our clients rely on.

and Integrity

We pride ourselves on following business practices that are ethical and completely transparent. Integrity is the foundation on which we at Prutha Technologies work. We believe in having clear communication with our clients as the pathway to developing long-lasting relations with them.


Our employee-centric culture contributes in fostering professional growth and development. We know that the employees who feel motivated.

Our Work Approach for Outsourced Projects

Our design and development services for user-centred software products will trigger your business growth and success.
You Grow, We Succeed
Our success totally relies on how you grow. We are as agile as a start-up and as structured as an experienced enterprise. In short, we have the ability to quickly adapt to your style and business philosophy. It is this agility and expertise which helps you reap the benefits of technology outsourcing in the shortest time possible and with least amount of hassle.

Begin Your Technological

Journey with These 4 Simple Steps

The entire journey from an initial inquiry to getting your project started takes just 4 simple steps. Our easy on-boarding process makes sure we fully understand your requirements and your project is delivered on time and that there is no friction along the way.

Securing Your Idea and Plan

We totally understand how important it is for you to keep your idea safe and secured. Your privacy is our utmost concern. Every relationship begins by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that your idea - i.e. your intellectual property is in safe hands.

Understanding Your Vision

We will only be able to advise you properly once we thoroughly understand your end objective. We set up an initial conference call with our technical experts, business analysts and project manager. This will help us to be clear about your vision as well as your project objective.

Providing Free Consultation

Completely hassle-free. Just sit back and relax while we do the work for you. Once we determine the right technology solution, we will propose a plan with the optimum approach and budget estimate.

Welcoming You On Board

With the plan, approach and budget approved we get to work on the project and start delivering results! We will keep all the legalities clear from the beginning by signing a contract with you before work begins. So, why to wait? Let's start our technological journey together leaving no stones unturned.

We Follow a Process-Driven Approach for Your Project

Our partnership is sure to deliver the best results possible. Our strong technical expertise combined with our process-driven approach, will get the results you have been striving for!

We believe that only relationships built on trust, value and performance will stand the test of time.

Our consistent ability to provide our clients with predictable technology outsourcing benefits has resulted in Prutha Technologies having one of the highest client retention levels in the industry.

Wouldn't you like to be benefit from our technology expertise?

Still have questions?

Here are Few Frequently Asked Questions that may help:

When you share your requirements with us, we carry out an in-depth technical analysis and provide you with a detailed, custom proposal. You will see exactly how we will work on your project, as well as our communication approach that will make us your best IT partner.
Don’t just take our word for it - take a look at our portfolio and see what our clients are saying.
Yes, we have a team of experienced and expert graphic designers who take care of all the design needs of your project. Be it graphic design, UX design or front-end web or mobile development - we do it all. Feel free to share your design requirements with us.
Our team follows a systematic process to identify and eliminate any and all bugs that could have affected your application's performance. We carry out an end-to-end user experience, functional, beta, load, as well as security testing, that enables us to provide defect-free business solutions. We do everything in-house and independently.
Yes, our team has the skills to help deploy your project across different environments i.e. cloud or intranet as well as platforms i.e. iOS or Android. Additionally, we can manage your entire IT if you choose.
It all depends on the complexity of your project. We work in Fixed Price, Time & Material or even a pure Staff Augmentation Model. You can talk to our solution consultant to know which pricing model will suit best to your project requirements.
We follow a fixed rate which varies according to your technology selection. This means, you don't have to worry about the resource allocation for your project. Regardless of which resources are required (project manager, programmer, technician, quality analyst, etc.) you pay one low fixed rate. This gives you 100% cost predictability. We know that you need to control your development costs and the elapsed duration of your project.
As part of our proposal, we provide you with the details pertaining to all milestones set for your project, including when payments are required. You can have multiple milestones in a project depending upon your business needs and the project complexity. We typically charge a commencement fee before we actually begin working for your project.
We are totally fine with the payments over direct wire transfer, Payoneer or PayPal. However, please take a note that the client will have to bear the payment transfer charges, if applicable.
Once we have reached and cleared all the milestones by delivering the software to you, we provide you with a standard warranty period of 45 days. If during this time you happen to find any bug or functionality issue from the original scope, we will correct it without any cost. All change requests (in cases where the bug or functionality issue is outside the scope of original development) will be estimated beforehand and a quotation will be provided to you for approval.

Our Mission

At Prutha Technologies, we believe that your success is our success.

We understand that working as a partner, we will be able to facilitate your company's objective by adhering to our ground values that includes:

Client Focus
Client Focus

Our client is of supreme importance and we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction by delivering outstanding results that surpass our client's expectations.

Quality Focus
Quality Focus

We guarantee quality results as we follow proven techniques and industry standards for solution development, implementation and delivery. It is our goal to provide our clients with service uniquely tailored to their business requirements.

Honesty and Transparency
Honesty and Transparency

We believe that business relationships are not just limited to signed contracts. It is much more than that. At Prutha Technologies we understand how important it is to follow ethical practices and create an honest and transparent relationship with our clients. We make sure that we are truthful in whatever we do and our communication are crystal clear so there is no room for misunderstanding.

Fostering Talent
Fostering Talent

We are employee-owned organization who believe in collective growth and continuous development. We know that motivated and valued employees will, in turn, provide the same level of care, concern and dedication when catering to our client's needs.

Connect With Us
Connect With Us

Are you in search of an IT partner who can assist you in solving your technological roadblocks? We are your one-stop-destination.