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Prutha Technologies

Providing web programming solutions & consulting IT services

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Prutha Technologies provides state of the art technologies and developing various types of application to meet your business needs all possible ways.

Web Applications
We develop any type of complicated web application like Online Banking, Online Reservation etc...

System Applications
We have enough experience to establish the protocol (communication) with any electronics instrument and develop best suitable application like Assets Security System.

We develop Assets Security System using E-Plates and Receivers. Such application can alert you and can keep records of your essential properties movements. The translated (by E-Plates attached to your assets) movements are received by installed receivers and that are recorded to the database using my developed software application.

Commercial Application
Now it is the mobile age so we develop such applications that can also be operated using mobile like Theater Ticket Booking by Mobile SMS. People only need just to send a SMS with couple of words to a specific mobile number and accordingly that SMS, the application can perform any actions.

Customized Applications
We also can develop a complete application including Accounting, Inventory, Payroll etc... for any class like... Factory, Suppliers, Retailers etc...

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